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DÉMO SPEC is a firm recognized in the field of demolition since 1999. We specialize in industrial and commercial demolition, excavation, asbestos removal and concrete sawing and drilling.

Contrary to popular beliefs, demolition is a domain where the mastery of architectural, structural as well as electro-mechanical aspects are essential. Through our mastery of mechanical equipment, we hope to separate ourselves from the eternal belief that demolition is always done by hand with a mass and a shovel.

Though it is still very young, our business can count on the solid experience of its leaders and staff. In our projects section, you will find a list of the major projects we completed. In most of them, Mr. Sylvain Vallée acted as project manager or superintendent.

What characterizes DÉMO SPEC can be summed up in two words : expertise and innovation. Within a few years, DÉMO SPEC has grown in every domain it is involved in. We are living proof that a demolition company can operate profitably and in a structured manner while maintaining high standards in the execution, speed and quality of its work. At DÉMO SPEC, the trust relationship is firmly established with every customer.


DÉMO SPEC has managed to dissociate itself from its competitors by using innovative processes in a conservative domain. In fact, most of our work is done with equipment listed in the equipment section. Most companies carry out demolition work manually. By using a mechanical process, DEMO SPEC distinguishes itself by the speed of the work performed and its costs. Also worth mentionning is the fact that DÉMO SPEC uses its own equipment and containers which allows the company to have very competitive prices.
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